Acer Ferrari 3200 Laptop and adding more memory to it.

Since I`m going back to Turkey for vacation next week, everybody wants something from me. Laptops, video cams, digital cameras, etc… I hope I won`t be stopped by the border officers accused of being a smuggler! : D

Anyway the laptop requested by Sinan is an Acer Ferrari 3200. This is a very sleek design and a very RED notebook. (I don`t want to go into details about specs and all.) It comes with a very cute red and Ferrari logo embbedded optical mouse.

Enough with PR BS. Sinan also wanted me to put more memory in the laptop. (2 x 512MB) So I ordered them from Crucial Technology. I recommend everybody to go there and do the same thing. Because they are good!

The memories came and they were ready to install. I turned the back of the laptop and opened the memory expension slot. SURPRISE! There is only one memory slot! But the booklet and stuff says that there are two expension slots? Where the hell is the other one? WTF? So I started to dismantle the laptop. : D Here are some good shots of the operation : )

Laptop 1 Laptop 2 Laptop 3

So the first picture shows you the actual place of the second memory slot! In order to go there you should remove the 4 screws behind the laptop where the screen joints are. And then you have to push the screen all the way back to an almost 180°. The next thing to do is to remove the plate where you have your power buttons and carbon fiberish look ferrari cover. You have to put your fingers between the keyboard and the plate and push it upwards. Use the force! : ) Once you remove it, unscrew the three screws in front of the keyboard and remove it. Be careful there is this plastic flat cable under the keyboard so do not force open it! Under the keyboard you have the memory slot. (Check the first picture)

The two other pictures are my two hours waste of time for finding how to open the laptop and find the memory slot! : ) Sinan will be pissed off when he sees these pictures : D