Coolest bicycle!

This is the coolest bicycle I’ve ever seen… “Zero Bike” is designed by Makota Makita and Hiroshi Tsuzaki from Tokyo, Japan. The bike is a hubless, spokeless and very lightweight bicycle powered by cranking magnetic pedals which rotate the tires suspended between other magnets. It has won a design excellence award by the Industrial Design Society of America.

Update on 10/11/2006: This article got reddited. And from the comments on the reddit, I found a bigger better picture of this bicycle. Click here to see it.

Some might say where the hell did you find this bike? Well I was doing some research on hubless wheel technology. And I came to very interesting sites, being this bicycle one of them. Hubless wheels are kind of like “reinventing the wheel”. Dominique Mottas, is the name of the French guy who reinvented and patented the wheel. For the ones who are still asking what the fuck is a hubless wheel, here is a picture that explains everything. (Not the girl! Look at the wheel damnit!) Check out this site for some more info how these wheels work.
Talking about hubless… Check out this “Hubless Monster” made by Amen Motorsports. This is the first motorcycle with dual hubless wheels. Also it has the largest motorcycle tire in the world. (360 mm) Another record is the wheel diameter. 23 inches… The company has some pretty slick designs. Check out their web pages.

Some more pics of the wheels:

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  1. Gary,
    I think this is a prototype and built only for design purposes. If you know where to find and buy it from, please let me know! : D

  2. The rims are what I have been looking for. Is there a horse power and tire width restriction? My plans are to use an engine over 200″ with a turbo and in trike form with bigger rear tires than Russell`s over at Exile.

  3. This bike makes sense. Simple design, beautiful to look upon and with minimal need for maintenance too.

    I`d buy one for myself & sell them too – if they made a model that folds.


  4. I`m not sure I want to own a bike whose function depends on “assuming future advances in magnetic superconductivity”. (I`m quoting the text in the `bigger better picture` quoted above.

  5. …i dunno wut to say!i like the technology of the hubless dude!can anybody tell me which website have the instructional 4 the hubless werks/great to see this!!voiLa!!

  6. Hi.
    Where I can see this “Zero Bike” ? How much is the cost ?
    Send me information, please.

  7. I was looking for a hubless bicycle tire and ran across your cite….awesome bro. its really cool…and signing off I say…amen to the highest…

  8. We would love to help you promote your bike in America. When do you think it will be available?


  9. This is not a completely new design. There have been concept vehicles and design exercises like these for maybe 20 years. Ultimately, they always fail. That is probably why the website is pushing so hard to sell the patent rights, before everyone learns the limitations of this design.

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