TinyMCE with FCKEditor`s file manager

Since I'm into WYSIWYG editors nowadays, I found this combination pretty interesting. It combines the TinyMCE interface and the file manager of the FCKEditor. If you want to integrate it to your system, be very careful when setting the document_base_url: variable. The name of the variable is deceiving. I first thought that it was mentioning the URL of the page, but in fact it is for setting up the directory for it. So it must be set like:


Another thing is that once you setup/enable the file connector for the language of your needs, it creates, no matter what, a directory called Image under the main image upload directory set by the $Config['UserFilesPath'] variable. (if you know how to enable the file connector, you know what I'm talking about, if you don't know what I'm talking about please start from the FCKEditor documents)

Here is a screenshot: