Dell Inspiron 6000 and Gentoo Linux.

Here I'm going to document what I have done so far and what more needs to be done…

Here is my system profile:

  • 1.86 Ghz Pentium M.
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • 100GB HDD.
  • ATI M300 Graphic Card. (128 MB)
  • 15.4″ WUXGA+ LCD (1920×1200)
  • DVD Burner.
  • Broadcom Ethernet Card (10/100)
  • Intel PRO/Wireless card.
  • Dell Bluetooth integrated.
  • SD/MMC reader (Ricoh)
  • Touchpad (Synaptics)

Working list so far: (03/07/2006)

ATI 2D works with xorg ati drivers. Never tested 3D

Installed the factory ATI drivers 8.22.5 following this howto. Works great! (100%)
Wireless card works great with ipw2200 driver. (even the led) (100%)
Bluetooth works great (this is a usb card btw…) (100%)
Touchpad works great. (100%)

Suspend to RAM (Working on it. It suspends, but doesn't wakeup…) (20%)

Suspend to RAM is now working with the new gentoo-2.6.15-r7 kernel and
fglrx drivers! I'll put my suspend script online soon. (%100)
Ethernet works great (100%)
DVD support is OK. I can read the DVD but still cannot set the DMA. (it
is a known problem waiting to be fixed in my queue) (50%)

I will make a detailed howto for each one of them later…


  • Kismet
  • e17
  • DVD burning test
  • DVD DMA activation.
  • MMC card reader test
  • ATI offical driver install

UPDATE: I had a Logitech USB camera. I wanted to try out if I
could make it work. I works perfectly with the new pwc drivers. YAY! I
also have some major updates on other stuff on the laptop. I will
compile a document soon!