Hail to Belgium!

Connect the dots:

  • Belgium is a country of European Union (EU).
  • EU recognizes DHKP-C as a terrorist organization.
  • A member of this terrorist organization assasinates people in Turkey in 96 and Belgium authorities capture her.
  • Belgium never returns her to Turkey for her trial.
  • Belgium lets this terrorist loose, they say: Awww, we lost her. :
  • Committee R who is responsible of auditing the Intelligence Service and Commitee P for auditing the Belgium police prepares a report showing that the Ex-Minister of Interior of Belgium Antoine Duquesne made a secret deal with the lawyers of the terrorist about releasing her.

War on terror please.

Why Turkey still wants to be a part of EU? What is this non-sense? Stop the negotiations already… Current government of Turkey's agenda and EU's agenda are the same. Fuck Turkey by all means… 

We never forgot how we got our independence from colonist forces after the first world war. We will never forget The treaty of Sèvres

What`s up?

What's going on lately…

I recently learned that I had high cholesterol. It must be the fatty food of USA…

started walking from work to home at least 2-3 times a week. It is a
serious but very pleasant walk. About 2 hours long… From Foggy Bottom to Pentagon
City. 1/4 of the walk is in thecity the
rest of it is in a beautiful trail. I have some phone cam pic. I will
share them below.

Changed my diet somewhat completely. Trying to stay away from fatty shitty food, cooking more at home.

started to write a small perl program to create IP ranges of a given
subnet and an exclusions list. Pretty useful if you have a big subnet
and you want to exclude some IPs from nmap or vulnerability scans. Then
I got bored. I dropped it… Don't ask, it doesn't work as of now…

Currently reading The Lord of the Rings again. (3rd time) I don't think I will be able to finish it.

I coded a php snipplet to list latest comments on my blog. I need to find a spot in my blog to place this…

Here are the crappy phone pics from my walk.