Waterfest 12

This year I was not planning ahead for going to Waterfest 12. But since my good friend Haris was visiting me and he`s a car freak like me, we decided to make a New York trip + Waterfest Sunday events. 

Saturday NYC was a good one. We chilled in Central Park, ate a lot of hotdogs (me 5…), spent good time with Oktay

Sunday I was thinking to be there around 11 AM but there was a lot of traffic and we wasted at least a good 1 hour sitting in the boiling car. So we got there around midday, close to 1 pm.

Most of the things were over. And I was expecting that. But the test drive event was not closed yet! Test drives are cool! : ) They had a little autocross field where you could drive the hell outta a new Rabbit, an EOS(!) (or this link), or a Jetta GLI. I was waiting for EOS for the longest time and never expecting that I could see one of them coming to US.

So I decided to test drive the EOS. It is a very nice cute convertible car. It performed much better than I expected. The one that I drove was a tiptronic. The acceleration was mild, but nothing like my GTI. Handling was awesome. What ever I did to spin the car, it failed! As soon as you hear the tires screeching the car takes over and slows you down to a safe speed for turning.

I also had some problems with acceleration after the hard cornerings, which I assume that it was caused by the “safe”computer. On two occasions The car came to a almost full halt, almost like an engine shutoff! Another downside for the car was the super ultra hyper robotic roof. With 20+ secs opening and closing time, and also soooo many moving parts and a whole trunk opening to swallow the top… I think it is more prone to fail than conventional top cars… More mechanical parts, more problems :

After the test drove we watched a bit the end of the drag races. We walked around the vendor booths and show cars. Since it was sooo freakin`hot we decided to leave around 4-5 PM since everything was almost over anyway.

Overall WF was nice as usual, next time I`m definitely going there without a woman and a little earlier to watch the drag races : D