Def Leppard concert!


I went to Def Leppard and Journey concert two weeks ago on Nissan Pavilion. I`m gonna talk about Nissan Pavilion later… Actually I should maybe talk now… Fuck Nissan Pavilion… It`s a nightmare to go there in a car. We missed the Journey because of a single lane road that takes you to Nissan Pavilion. Oh, you and 60000 other people who are going to the same concert! There is absolutely no improvement since the day Nissan Pavilion opened there.

Anyway Def Leppard was awesome! All the retro songs they performed were amazing and also the songs from their new album YEAH! are not bad at all! The set was very balanced between old and new songs. Here are the songs that they played.

Let It Go
Let`s Get Rocked
No Matter What
20th Century Boy
Sav Solo led into Rock On
Armageddon It
Rock of Ages
— Encore —

Love Bites

When concert ended, we wanted to get some beer while waiting 60000 people to leave the area again on a single lane road. But beer is not sold in this country after the concerts unless it`s a bar… I went to a rock concert and I couldn`t drink beer. This is 21st century`s USA : ) Now you might wonder why we didn`t buy beer during the concert… Same problem… you are trying to buy beer with 60000 people from five beer stands… Well, rock concert in USA can kiss my ass… It`s also not permitted to drink alcohol while you are waiting in the parking lot, even if you brought yours… BTW we waited 3 hours in the parking lot… Fuck Nissan Pavilion!

So this will be my last concert in Nissan Pavilion, and definitely not the last Def Leppard concert : D Pour some sugar on me baby!