End of an era…

Today is somewhat an end to an era for me… Today I quit my current position. For some it might be “so what?”. But for me this was the end of a close to 4 years of “real job”… I`m not going to rant and rave about how “boring” my job was or how it sucked… It`s just not what I wanted… And it took me 4 years to realize that… 😛

I`m starting my new position in… mmm… 14 hours… 😛 It will still be the same field “computer security” but the area of expertise now has changed from server security to network security. And also my new office will be at the opposite side of the corridor. Still same building, same floor, same company, but totally different team and department.

I wish I could have taken some time off since for almost 2 years I didn`t have a “real” vacation. (Except the one month of leave that I took for my military service last year 😛 )

Other than that I`m somewhat excited that now i`ll work more with free software on the network security field : D Also I will have to learn quite a lot. 

Near future is only visible for 3 months starting August 2006… I have a contract with my employer until the end of October… After that if we both like each other, I will be working there for some time more. Else… There is a great chance that I will go back home for good!

All the best!