I think I’m a documentary freak… I watch a lot of documentaries of all types. Although I believe that “the reality is for the people who lack imagination”, I certainly love documentaries. Mostly I watch titles that are about the things that are not going well in the world. And I feel depressed afterwards… But I still like knowing things that most of the people have no idea or ignore or never want to know.

While recommending some of the documentaries to my close circle, I usually hear the argument that the documentaries are sometimes very biased, but hey, it’s up to you to decide at the end to have an opinion… No one is forcing you to believe blindly. So whoever comments on documentaries being biased under this topic, I will not approve it if you really don’t come up with a good explanation 😉

Also, Netflix is a great place to “rent” them since they carry a wide variety. So if you are in the US of A, and like documentaries, I highly recommend Netflix. And since Netflix likes to stream the titles that nobody likes to watch, usually there is a high chance that you will find a documentary without even receiving in the mail 🙂 For other people around the world, there are always torrents 😛 😛 Information is contagious, and you should get contaminated with every kind of it, even by illegaly downloading them hehe. (Juuust kidding)

So here are some documentaries I enjoyed for the last few years in no specific order.

I’m leaving out some major documentaries like Planet Earth, etc… since a lot of people already know them. I’m also open to the suggestions in the comment section.

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